Commercial/Industrial sampling

Christiana Care Center                            Doctor (principal)                                Lee Irving Productions

Looxcie                                                       Grandmother (supporting)               Shadowbox Studios

Bathfitters                                                  Customer (principal)                          Bath Saver, Inc.

Curatio CME                                               Dr. Celia Dworkin (principal)             Shadowbox Studios

Ortho-McNeill                                            Francis (supporting)                           SPAF Workshops

AXA Fraud Training                                   Marla Blake (supporting)                   SAI Global


Film  sampling

Parallax                                                       Wanda McGrath (supporting)         Optical Emergence Pictures

Yes, Your Tide Is Cold and Dark, Sir        Merrill (supporting)                          Myatin Filmworks, LLC

Winter                                                          Anne (supporting)                             Jerry Collom Films

99 Percent Sure                                         Marlo Clain (supporting)                  Alpaca Pictures

The Mind                                                     Dr. Rita Goldstone (principal)         American Original Pictures

Unveiling                                                     Sofia (principal)                                 Quigley Cantata Productions

Sixth Sense                                                 Ghost (featured extra)                      Sixth Sense Productions

My Resume


Ballroom dancing, bicycling, bowling, driving, earprompter, horse back riding (western saddle), ice skating, modeling, percussion, piano, roller skating, sewing, singing (alto, belter), swimming, Tai Chi, teleprompter, typing, ukulele, yoga


Calista Grand                                            Live Product Model                              QVC

Wei East                                                     Live Product Model                              QVC

Seeking Solutions with Suzanne           Dinner Hostess                                     Prime Productions

Hack                                                           Pedestrian                                             Big Ticket Productions    


Actor / Model

Theater  sampling

Company                                                   Joanne                                                    The Barn Playhouse

Spinning Into Butter                                Dean Catherine Kenny                        Montgomery Theater
Getting Out                                                Mother                                                   Simpatico Theatre Project

Three Tall Women                                     "A"                                                          Bckseet Productions

The Lion in Winter                                    Eleanor of Aquitaine                            The Barn Playhouse

Wit                                                               Vivian Bearing                                       Forge Theater

Working                                                      Rose                                                       Montgomery Theater

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof                              Big Mama u/s                                        The Arden Theater