Actor / Model


I always like to begin the story of my life with “I was born and raised on a farm in Nebraska” because that usually solicits some sort of response. I doubt there are many women in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs who can say that.

Yes – I am a farmer’s daughter whose life has been anything but what her parents expected of her. Always restless; always searching for “something”; always a good student; always involved in the performing arts.

Three different colleges in three years with three different majors. Married at 21; two baby boys before my 2nd anniversary. Moved from Nebraska to Iowa to Minnesota to North Dakota, adding another son. Transferred to Philadelphia where I remained a stay-at-home mom for several more years. Felt like I had finally found where I was supposed to “be” even if I didn’t know what I was supposed to “do”.

Returned to college to get a business degree in advance of my divorce. Spent the next 25 years (more or less) in financial services. Still restless; still searching for “something”.

The “something” was found in the creative and performing arts. Acting became my passion; my outlet. Theater, films, commercials, television. I’ve had opportunities to do them all. Film is by far my favorite genre, and by far the most difficult to make look natural.

Now that my corporate life is behind me, I can devote all my time to my passion in one form or another.  I do cabaret; I'm a standardized patient at a medical school; I'm an on-air model at QVC; I do a workshop on retirement (  But I always look for work in films, commercials, etc., because,.....well.....just because I love it!